Millionaire Mentor | Gregg Reid and Jason Stone.

Have you ever wondered where are the people that have it all going on and how do I get in touch with them for mentorship? It’s no easy feat to find a unicorn. The odds of finding one and being able to grab their attention by adding them some kind of value is slim to none. People seem to think that the rich just want to get richer and richer. The thing people don’t understand is that most, not all, wealthy people want to help people. The richest of the rich are actually in tune with creating a philanthropic lifestyle that we all dream of, riches of your wildest dreams and helping as many people as possible. The millionaire mentor book is an enlighting story of exactly what I described above. The character in the book is a wealthy man that goes looking for people to help and teach them the life lessons that create a better life compared to where they are or a small child that is looking for a” big brother” type of role model that will coach them into the right steps. The moral of the story is that wealthy people, well most of them are wanting people to succeed and help them up not push them down. So if you get the chance to read this amazing book and gather all the nuggets from it, I assure you that it is well worth the time invested. Always learn and always help someone.



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