Our guest of the week that will explain his love of books and the knowledge they posess | James Mcelhany Sr.

Books | The gold nuggets are within.

We see them in the stores, on shelves and sometimes if we are lucky in people’s homes on the living room mantle.

Knowledge is something to be cherished and treated like a privilege. Books don’t have to be written. But, they are and they hold the key to wealth, life lessons, and the inner workings of the world’s most genius’ minds.

We are all too fast to forget the power that books and literature hold. The fact that you can read about ideas from centuries ago and the people that have influenced the economy into what it is today. There is no excuse why people are not reading more these days. Books are readily available to all to enjoy and gain valuable information from. With the online ordering from places such as Amazon, the ease of retrieving the knowledge banks is very attainable.

We have a special guest that is a Book Worm extraordinaire. Mr. James M. has been on the hunt for all the knowledge he can get his hooks on during this lifetime. The book collection he has amassed is quite the collection indeed. He believes that the library in ones’ home is one of the most important rooms in the entire residence. The library is a sign of intelligence and it is especially important for the children to have at hand so the are able to venture off into the learnings of our forefathers in business and Philosophy. James hails from OKC in the heartland and is a proud father of a 1yr old little girl and devoted father to his wife of 11 years. He has an Auto Hail Damage Repair in Edmond Oklahoma company that is booming due to all the severe weather their spring seasons bring.

Respectively, each book has its place and a time of day that it should be consumed. He believes that each morning that a book consisting of a leader in the business that is of inspiration is great to start the day and gather the useful thoughts of that person and try to reuse that knowledge to our own benefit. James ~ ” I love reading in the morning early it sparks creativity and allows you to have a minute of understanding uninterrupted. ” At lunch time you should be grabbing a how-to book that will teach you a new skill or sharpen up on your job or business skill to further your knowledge…” says James.

James’ notes on Evening reading – “When you are winding down the evening you should be reading a book on the people of the past in a more philosophical era.” This will help you wind down for the day and help yu understand points of view on the world and things that are seen in the eyes of the person in the book.

So as we understand that the importance of reading is a very high rated event that not everyone has the ability to stay committed to and expand their knowledge to a point that they can add more value to the world or their careers. We all understand that a great book is also just a click away in today’s world and we have such an opportunity to learn so much faster now that there really should be no excuses.

Grab a book and get your learning muscle warmed up. The best part of your day should be learning a new skill, about the greats or how we came to the place we are today.


Cordially, Cora




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